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We saw a press release today for a new tape measure scheduled to arrive on shelves from Black & Decker in October.  Its new twist: it has a laser in it that projects a line 90 degrees out from the “zero” mark at the tape measure.  The idea is that if you’re using it to mark something large — like a piece of plywood, for example — you can just set it up and mark it wherever you want using the beam as a guide

Other important stats:

  • It’s a 25′ tape.
  • The tape’s 1″ wide with a 7.6′ standout.
  • It’ll have retractable right and left edge guides to ensure a square reference line.

And other than that it appears to be a pretty standard locking 25′ tape.  We’ll let you know more when we see one later in the year.


2 Responses to Preview: Black & Decker’s New Tape Measure With Laser

  1. Steve Thompson says:

    Lasers! More Lasers!

  2. Jason says:

    One laser? That’s pretty weak. Pretty very weak.

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