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Maybe I just haven’t cut enough tubing, but I’ve never really been in that much of a hurry.  If you are, however, you might be interested in this: a tool advertised as “the world’s fastest tubing cutter.” 

It looks like a pair of pliers with about a half-dozen different holes and cutters on/in it.  The hole farthest to the left is the actual “cutter,” which appears to be pretty much like the two-wheel kind we’ve always used, but with four cutters — two on each set of the pliers’ “jaws.”  The maker claims the additional cutting wheels allow it to cut in just 90 degrees of rotation.

Next (moving right) is a small hole that’s for cutting 3/8″ tubing “in 180 degrees.”  After the pliers’ fulcrum we see a large hole which is designed to “true tubing” — to make it round again after you mangle it with something like, for example, the “pinch off” part of the tool (next in line, right before the grips).

According to the ad, the QuadCut ships with four replacement cutting wheels as well as two adapter inserts “for 1/2″ and 3/4″ OD AC/R tubing” — all for the retail price of just a nickel shy of $50.

The QuadCut [Hand Tools, Inc.]


3 Responses to Finds: QuadCut — The “World’s Fastest Tubing Cutter”

  1. Jon says:

    Wow. This would be nice! Normal cutters only have 1 blade and you have to spin, crank, spin, crank, spin, crank to cut the tubing.

  2. Dean says:

    I agree, this would come in very handy. If they could incorporate a flare tool in it somehow you could almost work nonstop.


    On second thought, maybe I’ll stick to the old cutters.

  3. Mel says:

    As a former plumber I have used a couple of similar tools in the past with limited success. The main problem with this type of cutter is the amazing kung fu grip that one must maintain to make it work as advertised. As a tool it is kinda half baked but as a work out gadget it really does wonders for those forearms!

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