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The C12’s been around for some time — it was part of PopSci’s Best of What’s New 2003 — but it remains one of the most versatile cordless drill kits available.  Now Festool’s offering a $400 set that comes with all four interchangable chucks: straight standard, straight quick-connect, right angle quick-connect, and eccentric quick-connect.  (Previously you received only one additional chuck.)

The C12’s unique D-shaped form factor helps helps move its center of gravity toward the middle of the tool, which makes it easier to hold, and its brushless motor increases reliability.  And weighing in at only a hair over 3 lbs, it’s light, too.

It’s hard to look past the fact that $400 (MSRP) is a lot to pay for a drill that puts out a max of only 265.5 in-lbs of torque, though. 

The C12 1.3 Ah Cordless Drill Set [Festool]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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