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question-tm.jpgAt Toolmonger, we’re havin’ a barbeque.  I guess watching all those episodes of License to Grill finally got to us, or maybe it’s just the fact that the temperature’s finally under the Benjamin Franklin mark.  Anyway, we’re getting our families together and cookin’ out.

What do you have planned?  Any cool projects?  Gettin’ close to finishin’ up a restoration?  Just a day of relaxation in front of the TV (or grill)?

Whatever you’re up to, have a happy Labor Day, and drop us a line if you get a chance.

Update: It’s raining here today for only the second time in two months.  Hey — we’ll take it.  The grill fits fine just inside the garage, and it’s free, sweet, free water.


2 Responses to What’re you up to on Labor Day?

  1. Had planned on getting the battery box for an electricmotorcylce done but it looks like ‘life’ is getting in the way. On the plus side, the lawn looks nice.

  2. Quentin says:

    Patching holes in drywall that I made because I was pulling Cat-5.

    Fun, fun, fun!

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