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Besides being saddled with the absolute worst name ever for a utility knife, the “Squeeze Knife” does feature a pretty unique blade extending and loading mechanism.  To extend the blade you — wait for it — squeeze the lever located on the bottom of the knife.  A button releases the blade for replacement from a supply of spares stored in a cavity behind a blade-shaped hinged door on the side of the tool.

To replace a blade, you push the yellow button up near the front, which releases the blade.  You can then pull the blade out the front and push another one it.

Truthfully, we feel like the utility knife is more in need of evolution than revolution.  We’re all very familiar with the standard method of pushing a stud into notches on the top of the tool to set the blade depth and opening the knife to replace blades.  Knives like Irwin’s have refined that method further by simplifying the opening process with a quick release.

If you want to check one out in person, we saw this one in Lowe’s, though they’re available from a wide variety of sources for around $10.

Street Pricing: Squeeze Knife [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: The Squeeze Knife

  1. PeterP says:

    Seems cool, but I would be worried about slipping it into my pocket while working and getting stabbed in the leg while bending over or something. Is there a saftey of some sort?

  2. Steve says:

    Hmmm…I guess. But, after all, it is called a UTILITY knife, which, to me means practicality. I agree with the evolution principle. Some things just really don’t need to be re-invented, thank you.

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