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post-dimpler.jpgIn response to our recent LOX screw test, some readers commented that they appreciate Phillips-head screws because they “cam out” before driving too deep into drywall.  Bosch has a better answer than depending on screw failure: their “dimpler” screw setters.

These cool little bits not only automatically countersink screws to the appropriate depth, they also include a built-in clutch to release before you tear up the drywall.  Simple and effective.

You can find these at your local big-box retailer starting at around $10.  They’re also available in slightly-discounted 5 and 20 packs.

“Dimpler” Drywall Screw Setters [Bosch]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


5 Responses to Finds: Bosch’s “Dimpler” Drywall Screw Setter

  1. Rob says:

    Sounds familiar…

    # Rob Says:
    August 31st, 2006 at 9:59 pm

    Trey makes a good point. There is a drywall screw tool called a “Dimpler” that uses the camming action of the Phillips head screw to set it at a certain distance just below the surface of the drywall without overdriving it.

    Still waiting on that Arthur’s head.

  2. Toolaremia says:

    And, it accepts standard 1″ magnetic bits, so you can use it with a Robertson bit and never have to worry about it stripping out. (assuming this operates on depth and not torque.)

  3. Quentin says:

    I could have used this last night, although I only put in about 20 screws because I was just patching a few holes.

    It’s interesting that people have said that Phillips screws are designed to “cam-out” before the screw gets too deep, because I did not find that at all. I found that I could easily drive the screw too deep and that it was hard to make it cam-out. I guess that’s why professional drywallers use screw guns.

  4. Matt says:

    I bought a few of these to hang drywall at my house. Long story short, neither one of them lasted through the whole room. A great concept, but I think they need to work a little on their execution…

  5. Nile says:

    I have use my dimpler brand drywall screw setter for years don’t know how many screws it has set for me but has to be thousands. I am getting beyond hanging sheetrock my self due to age, point is my last project (upgrade bathtub to jetted tub) I hired one of my old friends who is a professional sheetrock person, to help me out, I demonstrated my dimpler for him and after he used it for the first time he wanted one like it. both of us have used the dimpler and find it does a very satisfactory job.

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