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post-hhook.jpgThis one set off our BS alarm, so we thought we’d post it and see if any of you have any experience with these.  They’re essentially pieces of bent wire that you stick through the wall for use as picture hangers.

We can’t help but strongly doubt infomercial host Billy Mays’ claim that these pieces of bent wire’ll hold up to 150 lbs.

C’mon — throw us a bone and save us the trouble of spending $15 to order a set just to satisfy our curiosity.  Have you — or someone you know — tried ’em? 

Hercules Hook [Informercial]


24 Responses to Wacky: The Hercules Hook

  1. Bryan says:

    I will stick to the ol’ hammer and a finish nail. I hate Billy Mays. I think he thinks the louder he yells the better the crap he is peddling will work.

  2. Steve says:

    Aww, come on now, isn’t intrinsic trustworthyness directly proportional to the volume of the shill’s voice? I wouldn’t doubt that the little tip of that bent wire could hold 150 lbs when clamped in my bench vice, but what about the drywall itself? A friend has a couple of these holding up a picture or two and they seem to work, but I store my barbell weights under the bed, and will continue with that plan, thank you.

    Hey, at least we know who bought up the surplus as-seen-on-tv Flowbees. Looks like they work as good on Billy’s facial hair as they do on a Standard Poodle.

  3. Phil Miller says:

    I saw a review of these on tv and they seemed to work. Since then I have been trying to find them in a store but have not seen them yet. From what I could tell during this non Billy review they worked, enough that I was willing to put a few bucks down and try them myself.

  4. dave says:

    Hey, stop dissing the Flobee. I’m on my second one (total of 14 years for both). The thing DOES work.

  5. Derek Hunt says:

    Bill Mays looks a bit like Steve Reeves (http://imdb.com/name/nm0716302/), except Steve Reeves can speak a tad clearer and gets far more chics. Plus, he’s not an actual tool like Bill.

  6. Travis says:

    Sure, it can hold 150 pounds … but for how long? And when will your wallboard fail?

  7. Jimbo says:

    I’ve seen “generic” versions in HomeDepot before and a friend has used some in his house. I don’t know about 150lbs but he has some heavy pictures and a mirror that are hanging from them and they seem fine.

  8. Ben says:

    Looks like a cool product, I wouldn’t mind trying them out myself. What upsets me a little bit is the Hercules Hook website says their site is 100% secure, but this isn’t true. I wonder how consumers trust their products, when they aren’t even truthful about their site’s security? For more information, check out: http://thecourtjester.wordpress.com/2006/10/15/fraudulent-claims-on-hercules-hook-website-affect-consumer-confidence-online/

  9. John Garner says:

    My girlfriend and I both trust some VERY expensive and very heavy mural paintings to these and they work… end of story. We’ve had up to 60lbs on a given hook and it holds fast. We were buying these long before Billy Mays got involved and they’ve worked for us for 5 years.

  10. Jan says:

    OK I would like to buy these but I don’t want to order online. What stores sell them??? LOWES? Home Depot? Walmart? Any info would be great.

  11. SrTech says:

    Try the ‘As seen on TV’ section at Target stores.

  12. wadahoot says:

    We got them at Bed, Bath and Beyond locally

  13. Teacher says:

    My wife got some at Bed, bath… also. We’ve hung a few 12×14 pictures with them and they have been fine.

  14. LarryO says:

    We’ve used these around the house for various pictures, and even one pretty heavy mirror (it’s not 150 LB, but it’s over 20), and they hold well – as long as you dont run into wiring, a vent or a stud…

  15. Nicole says:

    You can also get them at Walgreens or Eckerd.

  16. BarronD says:

    I ordered these and they work pretty well and simple for a “mechanically challenged” girl to use. HOWEVER, they automatically sign you up for a “lifetime” supply and you can go stark raving mad, trying to get it to stop. (I’m still trying after 3 months). HELP!!

  17. Lorna says:

    They don’t “automatically” sign you up for a lifetime supply when you order the hooks. You have to check a box that says you would like auto ship. When you say no, a couple of pop up screens come up informing you of the great deal that you are missing out on by not signing up for the auto ship hooks. I just kept saying no, and completed the transaction.

  18. John W says:

    I agree with Bryan… I HATE BILLY MAYS. Anyone who thinks they can sell people something by screaming and yelling at them can stay away from me. It is as if he is talking at a group of deaf people. I will never buy ANYTHING Billy Mays endorses.

  19. Michael says:

    Perfect item. I bought some of these and they work same as advertised. Now no more use of nails, I hate it. I have used them all over my house! And when you take it out of the wall, you can barely see the hole. These are good for pictures with wire hangers or metal loops. I think this item is the greatest invention ever!! They make hanging pictures so much easier and I love the laser leveler that came with them. Thank you !

  20. Rick J. says:

    I hate billy Mayes I wish he would drink a bottle of OXY Clean hopefully this would get him expell loudly from the oposite end from his mouth. Maybe by him doing this it would really give him something to shout about. And a big question is why is he still on TV? Billy do us all a favor and get of the tube you loud moronic jerk.

  21. firehead4 says:

    i use the hercules hook and the monkey hook and they both work…very well i might add! i love not having to use hammer and nails. the fact that you can do it in drywall is such a plus for finding the right location to hang something. it’s a great product.

  22. BONNIE LOU says:

    Instead of buying online… What Retail Stores sell the HURCULES HOOKS and/or SUPER HOOKS?

  23. Bob Scholten says:

    Have been using hurcules hooks for yrs.long before Billy Mays ever came around.Work great have an antique mirror I got from my Grandmother that has to weigh close to 100 lbs.had mirror same place for 20 +yrsno problem
    will buy more.

  24. Sherrie says:

    Where is my lifetime supply

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