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We’re sorry we didn’t get this info out to you earlier — for some reason it slipped by below our radar.  For years Case offered a number of their pocket folders with real India “Stag” bone handles.  Then, in 2000, the government of India placed an embargo on all Stag shipments — effectively ending mass production of India “Stag” knives.

Case says that when India briefly lifted the embargo to release “pre-ban” Stag stockpiles, they managed to secure enough Stag to “allow for continuous production of Stag handled pocketknives for some time.”

Over the past few years, Case did manage a few “low-quantity runs” of Stag knives for special clients, but most of us were left out in the cold.

The new India Stag line will include a good number of Case’s most popular folders, specifically the;

  • Peanut
  • Small Pen Knife
  • Trapper
  • Small Stockman
  • Medium Stockman
  • Mini Copperhead
  • Small Texas Toothpick
  • Cheetah Cub
  • Mini Trapper
  • Small Cunstock
  • Baby Doc
  • Baby Butterbean
  • and Medium Congress

As we said last Father’s day, many of us carry a particular brand and style of knife based on what our Fathers carried, and for some of us — and some of you — that style may be real India Stag.  If so, this is good news.

Case also suggests pretty heavily that these may well become collector items when the Stag supply does finally dry up, so if you’re a collector, you may want to invest now.

Pricing varies widely based on the model you select but generally starts around $60. 

Genuine India Stag Knives [W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery]
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One Response to News: Case Now Offering Real India Stag Again

  1. Paul says:

    In the post you refer to “real India ‘stag’ bone handles,” which is incorrect. The stag coming fromo India is from antlers. Bone stag refers to fake “stag” made by cutting, dyeing, and/or burning bone (cow usually) to make it look like stag horn. It’s not that hard to tell the difference when comparing the two, but the price tag is often the easiest way for the consumer to tell. Case uses different numbering for bone “stag” than real stag also.

    Just a small error, but you wouldn’t let someone call a screw a bolt would you? ;^)

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