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After dragging a standard drain tank around underneath a project car for the last week or two, this product looks pretty sweet: It’s a low-profile rolling tank (only 9-1/2″ high) that catches 17 gallons of oil (or other fluids like antifreeze), can be pulled around the shop by the attached T-handle, and includes an electric pump for simple drainage.

Think about it: You can just roll this baby under the car, dump a crapton of antifreeze in it, then use the included pump to return the refuse to the new fluid’s containers when you’re done. 

It’s made of one-piece urethane, and covers 24″ x 42″ of floor space.  That’s awesome when you’re draining antifreeze; It always wants to splatter everywhere.  When it’s empty, you can store it vertically against a wall.

The casters are 5″ in diameter, so you should be able to “hop” it over some minor obstacles.  Smaller casters can sometimes get caught on extension cords and the like.

The bad news: It goes for about $500.  Check around, though.  We found a few for less on Froogle, including some that use a pneumatic pump instead.

Street Pricing: Low-Profile Fluids Transfer Tanker [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: Low Profile Transfer Tanker

  1. Rob says:

    I like it but not $500 worth. If I had $500 to spend on something to catch my drained fluids, I’d have a 2 post lift and a roll around catch barrel instead.

  2. shawn says:

    If someone could make this & sell it for $30 you would have a winner. I agree with rob, if you need something to roll around to collect fluids you probably work in a shop that has a lift. I think you could make one similar for a lot less. Get a shallow plastic container & put it on a mechanics creeper. I doubt any sane person will pay $500 for that.

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