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post-ixo2.jpgConsidering that the original Skil iXO’s been on the market for over a year, it’d be safe to call Skil an “early adopter” of the inexpensive lithium-ion driver concept.  Since then numerous other companies have come out with quite successful (and competitive) products.

Later this year — before the holidays, of course — Skil will release their updated iXO, called (not surprisingly) the iXO2.  (OK, I’m way to lazy to create a superscript for that 2, so could we just take it as read that it’s raised as if to say, “to the power of 2?”)

Besides some form-factor redesign — including a shorter, wider trigger which we suspect will improve significantly on the old tool’s trigger — the iXO2’s improvements include:

  • A built-in LED worklight
  • An LED charge indicator
  • A magnetized 1/4″ hex chuck (the old one wasn’t magnetized)
  • And, a built-in bit storage in the charger cradle

Price will remain the same at $40 MSRP.  Look past the jump for some more photo goodness.

As promised:











One Response to Preview: Skil’s iXO2

  1. PeterP says:

    I’ve got the original, and its very handy for random tasks around the house. My only real problem with it is its not variable speed, so you can damage electronics and things if youre not careful. That said, its still a nice tool to have around.

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