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post-newgl2.jpgLast month we tested Irwin’s GrooveLock pliers and loved them; They kick the crap out of standard tongue-in-grove pliers in ease of use, adjustability, and comfort.  Back then Irwin only offered 8″, 10″ and 12″ versions.  Now they’ve expanded the line to include 16″ and 20″ pliers.

For those of you not familiar with GrooveLocks (and too lazy to click on the above link to read our in-depth hands-on), think of them as tongue-in-groove pliers on speed.

Rather than opening the pliers wide to adjust them, you simply push a large button on the side to release them, sidet them to where you want them, then let go of the button to lock them in place.  It’s easier than it sounds. 

Besides the fact that you don’t have to flail around with them to find the grooves, they also offer a number of advantages:  The mechanism’s grooves are much smaller so you get more adjustment resolution, and they don’t flip open when you pick them up by one handle.

They’re slick.  Trust us.  Or better yet, don’t trust us.  Run down to your local big-box retailer and check ’em out yourself.

The new 16″-er will MSRP at $49.99 and the 20″ will run $64.99.  Look for slightly lower prices when they hit the streets soon.


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