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post-tntmagnets.jpgWe just recevied the latest copy of Make’s Tools-N-Tips email newsletter, and (as usual) it contains a few awesome finds.  For example:

Rare Earth Magnets: “Rare earth magnets are commonly used to hold or lift things, which is understandable given that they can lift more than 500 times their own weight in steel. The MAGCRAFT brand of rare earth magnets has a wide selection of strong, good-quality magnets and is available at local hardware stores and online. I found the half-inch disc magnets (NSN0702) particularly useful.”

The Plexiglass Cutter: “A plexiglass cutter is a very simple tool, essentially a sharp point with a handle. It is drawn over plexiglass to score it before breaking along the score to cut the plexi.  I love it because it is dead simple, cheap, and it works very well. It does not slip and scratch the plexi as easily as a knife. It also makes a deeper, smoother score line, and does it faster than a knife. It makes cutting plexiglass and similar materials fast and easy.”

Check out the Tools-N-Tips site at Make for more information about the above (and other) cool items, or better yet just sign up for the newsletter yourself and let them deliver it right to you.


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