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post-ridgidwarranty1.jpgEver wish Craftsman offered their lifetime warranty on power tools, too?  Looks like Ridgid wants to make a name for themselves, and they’re doing it by offering one of the sweetest power tool deals around.  They call it their “Lifetime Service Agreement.”  It’s free, and — get this — it even covers normal wear items like batteries.

Think that’s hot?  Try this formula: Ridgid’s new 24V XLi lithium-ion tool line + free batteries for life = best. deal. ever.

As a guy I knew in college once said after telling me how his roommate came home the night before with identical Sweedish twins, “That #(@$ just doesn’t happen.”

Apparently it’s a pretty simple deal:  Any “hand-held power tools, bench top, stationary, and pneumatic tools bought on or after April 15, 2005” are eligible, and the agreement “becomes effective upon registration of the tool via the Ridgid website or by mail-in registration.” 

Once you’re registered, you receive “free service and parts on normal wear items, including batteries and O-rings, for life, for the original tool purchaser.”

Wow.  If you’re considering a high-use cordless tool purchase, I’d say hop on down to Home Depot and give the big R a try.  Look for more information on the LXi cordless line here shortly.


11 Responses to Ridgid’s Lifetime Service Agreement — Batteries Included

  1. Rob says:

    This information comes to me a at a good time. My trusty Dewalt 12v drill is losing it’s punch and new batteries cost about the same as a new drill. If Rigid is indeed making good on this warranty, it’s probably the best deal ever.

    • paul says:

      Hey Rob its true got my whole set of ridgid tools 4 years ago the batteries were still rechargable but went dead on the circular saw sent them away on 2-16-12 got them back today 3-2-12 wow im surprized not a scrach on them they are brand new

  2. Ruben says:

    This is what I call deal! If Ridgid/Ryobi is true to their word, then you’d have to be crazy not to get this. However, I think I’ll wait a bit to see what the other manufacturers come out with, both in technology and warranty. I tell ya, after seeing this at Home Depot I really felt like buying the combo (and I’m not one to buy without researching thoroughly first). I’ll be sure to share this with my friends, all of whom purchased cordless combos in the last year or so.

  3. Mel says:

    sounds great IF there is a service center near you. I have learned the hard way to only buy tools that you know will be serviced from companies that have FACTORY owned service centers nearby. Dewalt has one near me that has given me wonderful service for over 10 years. I have even had them rebuild a cordless drill while I waited (15 minutes!) That makes me brand loyal to them, not the features, the cases, the spiffy little extras, but how they treat me once I have a problem. If you put food on your table by using your tools like me, then warranties are a serious consideration, especially how they are managed.

  4. Tommy says:

    sounds really great… unfortunately, it’s only a copy of the original lifetime service from Hilti. So, if you want to go for the original, check it out in your local Hilti store. Hilti offers you two years full service, unlimited warranty and top stop… you never pay more than 30% for repairs. Think twice why you buy copies…

  5. Bill Graham says:

    I can not find the registration form for my new Ridgid drill. I sent my form in for my Saber saw but never got any thing back from the company. Thanks ,Bill Graham

  6. Jim says:

    Both batteries that came with my drill had lost their ability to charge. Took them in to Home Depot, filled out the forms, had two brand new batteries 10 days later.
    True to their word, Ridgid came through for me.

  7. James Caudill says:

    Ineed a address to send my guarantee paper work to regester with ridged.

  8. James Caudill says:

    Put the address on this page

  9. tillamooktim says:

    Professional contractor for over 40 years here. The warranty on the tools is made as difficult as you can imagine. The hoops you have to jump through. But you can do it and they will fix your tools, but it’s a bit of a hassle.
    I would recommend buying these tools and jumping through the hoops. Over my lifetime i have worn out many expensive tools and bought tons of parts. Most often i have found it’s cheaper just to buy a new tool rather than get one repaired.
    I still have and use some of my senco nail guns i bought used in the 70’s.

  10. Bill Roukkula says:

    I bought the 24v kit- ha,met drill,circular saw, rec saw and flashlight with charger and two batteries. Thought the LSA was great so I added a jigsaw and an 18v kit with drill and driver. Now I find that the repair depot here in Thunder Bay Ont.quit doing Ridgid trepair because they didn’t pay enough. I tried the depot in Sault Ste. Marie and found that they were wuottingRidgid servicing for the same reason. LSAwas a great deal when I could find a service centre but now I’m considering switching tool brands.

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