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Utility knives rock.  My favorite use: Instantly defeating tougher-than-depleted-uranium clamshell packaging without hurting myself.  Any utility knife’ll help, but if you use one more than casually, you eventually have to deal with the nastiness of swapping a blade. 

Wiss recently released a new knife with a “quick change” system to simplify the process.

It works like this: You press and slide a release button on the side of the knife near the front — you can see it in the pictures — and the blade releases to be pulled right out the front of the knife.  You insert a new blade right in the slot (without opening the knife like you do with others), release the button, and slide the blade in to lock it into place.

It sounds a lot easier than opening the knife with a screwdriver (like you do with cheap ones), but is it that much easier than, say, Irwin’s knife that opens with a release catch?

Street pricing starts around $7.

The WK500V Quick Change Utility Knife [Wiss]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Eli Golub says:

    The Wiss has essentially the same blade release as the Stanley, which has doubled in weight over the last generation. I still carry the old model with the same release, but the release button is metal. Don’t know why they made it heavier.
    If you don’t mind extra weight, the Alltrade knife has a great release/ opening mechanism, and is cheap. It’s just too heavy for me to carry in my back pocket all day. I can’t wait for them to stop fatmaxing everything and start to lighten it all up.

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