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Reader Jason emailed us a link to this most extreme 85-blade “knife” supposedly called the “Giant Knife Version 1.0” and we couldn’t help passing it on — even if it does look more like the work of Photoshop than Wenger (the people who bring you the venerable Swiss Army knives).

On a more realistic note, though, Wenger, has finally updated the basic shape and form factor of the Swiss Army knife, calling it the Evo.  (Think Chris Rock from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back: “Harley-Davidson gonna sue somebody!”)

Update: Boing Boing says the knife’s going for $1,200 and isn’t a joke.  Still hard to believe, though.

From Reader Comments: Reader Todd suggests that it’s probably “a one-off demo showcase that displays the various tools the company can put into a knife and not a product that will be mass-produced.”

Another Update: It’s real.  We imagine it’ll be a collectors item for sure.




The new Evo features a sculpted shell designed to better fit in your hand and to better enclose the blades and other associated tools.  Or, as the Wenger flacks say:

“…the ergonomic shape not only makes holding and using our knives easier, it creates a sleek, thoroughly modern and sculpted look that’s attracting attention wherever Evo is used — from the rugged slopes of the Alps to the basement workshop.”

Before you go all Von Trapp on us you should be aware that only six of Wenger’s knives are currently available in Evo versions.  According to the press release, though, Evo’s the face of things to come for the Swiss Army line.

The “Giant Knife 1.0” [via Outdoor Life]
The Swiss Army Evo Update [Wenger]


3 Responses to Wenger’s Freaky (Vaporware?) Knife and The New (Real) EVO

  1. Todd Jensen says:

    I read somewhere — can’t remember where — that this knife is a one-off demo showcase that displays the various tools the company can put into a knife and not a product that will be mass-produced.

  2. Given that the basic design of the knives is modular, it’s easy enough for them to just make longer pins and stick all of the bits together. The result, of course, really is just one for the collectors and store displays; it’s completely impossible to use it unless it comes apart somehow.

    Note that there are actually two “Swiss Army” manufacturers – Wenger, who made this thing, and Victorinox. I talk a bit about the difference in this review. Victorinox previously pushed the limits of how thick one of these things can be and still be usable with the XLT, which even then they admitted was really just for collectors, and then the even sillier XXLT. I think this is what the kids are buying instead of the XLT these days.

    (No endorsement of any stores is implied, by the way – I’d link to Victorinox’s own pages about these things, but their site’s a Flash nightmare.)

    If American readers are wondering what the thick shiny solid part in the middle of the XXLT is, by the way, it’s a cigarette lighter. American Swiss Army knives don’t have them, I think because there’s no child guard on the thing so it’s not legal to sell there (though you can, of course, import your own). I reviewed the basic “SwissFlame” lighter-knife here.

  3. Whoops – last link should be to here.

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