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post-macweb.jpgWe heard a while back that Mac Tools was planning a serious overhaul of their site to add some killer new features, and apparently it’s come to pass.  We checked in today to find the notice you see at right.  It looks like the new site’s going to be live Monday.

We suspect that the enhancements will focus on additional user interactivity, along the lines of the toolbox configurator they released earlier this yeay.  It’s pretty slick; You can select from all the zillions of storage options Mac offers to build (and see) your own personalized box right on the screen, then you can order it.  They have a whole (very impressive) just-in-time manufacturing setup to turn your virtual box into reality.

We’ll definitely check in on Monday to see what’s up, and you might want to do the same.

Under Construction (Until Monday) [mactools.com]


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  1. Mac Man Bill says:

    Two years later and it’s still under construction. I can’t figure out whay all the other entities under Stanley Works have awesome looking and working websites while Mac is still trying to get their working. Dark, dreary, and SLOW! Not to mention the multiple error messages everyone complains about.

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