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x-treme-tape.jpgYou’ve seen Predator, right?  When we saw it, we automatically added a few items to our personal wish lists.  That first aid kit that could fix anything that happened to him was high on the list.  (Right below the invisible armor.  Oh yeah, and that big freakin’ gun.) 

Here’s the next best thing: X-treme Tape by Vypar was originally developed for the military.  (Perhaps they saw Predator, too.)  This silicone-based repair tape is self-fusing and requires no adhesive since it only bonds to itself.  Sweet huh?  Wait.  It gets freaky-cool.

X-treme Tape also stretches to 3 times its length, conforms to irregular shapes easily, and withstands UV rays, acids, and fuels.  It won’t melt to in temps up to 500° F, so it can even be used for emergency muffler repairs.

It remains flexible to -60°F and insulates to 8,000 volts — ideal for those quick plasma cannon fixes in the jungle while hunting the Governator.  As if all this isn’t enough, it also forms a permanent air and watertight seal to fix that leaky pipe, radiator hose, or air duct. Once wrapped over itself it forms a bond immediately and is permanently fused in 24 hours.

So, whether you’re a badass alien hunting your Conan-like neimisis, stuck in the battlefield trying to tape your door back on your freshly ragged-out hummer (hey, it belongs to Uncle Sam, not you, right?), or just keeping the neighbors dog in their own damn yard, X-Treme sounds like the schiznizzle.

Prices start at $5 for a 10 foot roll.

X-Treme Tape [Vypar Products]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: X-Treme Tape

  1. The generic term for this kind of stuff is self-amalgamating tape. If the Vypar product really is a silicone compound then it’s different from the usual synthetic-rubber self-amalgamating tape, but the cheaper plain stuff is more than adequate for most purposes, including stuff like re-insulating high tension leads on CRTs.

  2. Mike (aka Murphy'sSidekic) says:

    This stuff is really fun. A friend of mine (tool geek, paintless dent remover) showed me this stuff a while back. One of the best things I like about it is that you can make any size o-ring with it. You take a cylinder (say, a soda can), wrap the tape around the cylinder, roll it down the cylinder wall (like, well, you know) and presto! a custom made o-ring. Gotta love that.

  3. summer says:

    That’s one heck of a find. 🙂

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