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post-skil.jpgWe were talking to a Skil insider today and heard that this fall Skil will get a line of 10.8V lithium-ion tools.  As you can imagine, our first thoughts jumped to parent-company Bosch’s 10.8V-li-ion-powered I-Driver and PS20.

We’re big fans of the PS20.  If you don’t have one yet, shame on you.  Go get one right now, and if your friends give you any crap about buying a “small tool,” make them carry around a 5 lb. weight for a day.  Bigger isn’t always better — especially when smaller’ll do the job.

We suspect that a PS20-class driver made cheaper by integrating the battery and such would kick some serious butt in the big box stores.  Most homeowners don’t need removable batteries, and we suspect the only thing stopping the PS20 from flying off shelves is its $125 price tag. 

Don’t get us wrong — it’s worth every penny.  But while everyone needs a compact driver with 80+ in-lbs of torque, not everyone needs a pro-level tool for home use.  Wants, yes.  Needs, no.


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