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uvex.jpgRemember when safety glasses were dorky?  Thankfully times have changed.  Now you can look more like Paul, Jr. in the shop and less like Mr. Wizard.  A case in point: Uvex’s new Protege safety glasses.

Even though the Proteges look like those Oakleys you lusted after in high school, they do meet applicable ANSI standards — as well as a “military ballistic test for impact” that Uvex says is 7x greater than the ANSI standard — which means they’re no-kidding safety glasses.  They come with either a hard-coat surface (for those of you who drop them a lot) or an anti-fog surface (for heavy breathers). 

Available in clear, gray, and mirrored lenses — as well as black or “sandstone” frames — you’ll be stylin’ the next time you’re cutting on the band saw.  Or, as the not-so-creative copywriters at Uvex say, “Stylish frame design follows fashion trends.” 

As reader Eli said:

“…Every time I’ve decided the job was too short to go hunting for a pair of safety glasses I’ve ended up with my eye under the kitchen faucet trying to wash it out.  Multiple stupidities that I’m finally over.  I even wear earplugs now.”  (More brave — and safer — readers relate their stories here.)

Protege Safety Glasses [Uvex]
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6 Responses to Finds: Uvex Protege Safety Glasses

  1. Joel says:

    I’d rather use my 60’s shop teacher glasses… http://www.jmillerid.com/joel_creepy.jpg They’re prescription, and the guy had to dig them out of the back room and blow the dust off them, but they’re ANSI standard for shop use. And damned stylish.

  2. PeterP says:

    Tinted glasses in the shop? I have a whole bank of flourescents, plus a couple halogen worklights just to give me enough light to work!

  3. Nick Carter says:

    I just use cheap “visitor” glasses, they’re usually on sale at MSC, etc. I buy 10 at a time so they are spread out all over the shop. Never an excuse to not use them.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I see it as less of a fashion issue and more of a comfort one. I find most of the “stylish” ones someone actually put some thought into comfort and not just about how to make them as cheap as possible.

    From my own experience I know that if they are comfortable and have good optics you will wear them a lot more. I find myself working on my computer still wearing them after coming in from the shop and forgetting I had them on.

    As for the tint, it’s great if you are working construction outside in the sun. Otherwise find one of the many pairs with clear lenses.

  5. TL says:

    I used to go with the “many cheap pairs stashed all over the shop” line of thinking until I got a set of perscription safety glasses. There is a HUGE difference in the lens quality and general comfort.

  6. WoodWorker101 says:

    If you’re looking for Uvex safety glasses on the cheap check out Cooper Safety. I’ve purchased from there serveral times and they seem to have the best selection and the lowest prices. Shipping costs are pretty good too.


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