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logo-best-comments.jpgSince you’ve graced Toolmonger with your opinions in ever-increasing numbers, we decided to create a weekly post to share some of our favorites.  Our big motivation behind this post is to share some of the comments from older posts.  You’d have to dig around in the archives to find them — which we highly recommend, by the way, as there’s some good stuff back there.  Just because it’s not on the front page anymore doesn’t mean the comments aren’t flying.

So, let’s jump right in with comments from this last week.

On Finds: The Stabila HL-100 Hole Laser, Nick made a good point, specifically that if the stud to which the HL-100’s bolted isn’t square, the laser’ll be way off.  (He gives some great estimate calculations — see the post for more detail.)  Jason also suggested that something like this could be home-brewed with a laser pointer.

David pointed out that he tried out the software we posted about a long time back in Free Pipe Joint Template Software and found it very easy to use.  He did say, though, that it’d be a bit tedious to use if you have a lot of joints to create.

Eli commented on Finds: The TigerSharp RES System, relating his experiences with with replaceable blades: “I’ve tried many, many other knives and this one reeks of ‘I tried it for a while and then couldn’t find more blade replacements.’  Even if you can find them, 10 bucks?!”  He goes on to suggest some other replaceable blade knives with which he’s had good experiences.

On TV: Tonight from August 20th, Dean comiserates with us about Discovery’s loss of Monster Garage, indicating that he misses Southern Steel even more.  We agree.  Discovery, are you listening?

On DeWalt’s New DW745 Table Saw: A Lighter Choice? (from back in July), Loren bemoans the DW745’s lack of a decent miter gauge.  He has a lot more to say about European saws vs. American ones.  Check it out.

SawStop vs. “The Industry” generated a good bit of very educational comments this week — far too much to relate here.  You’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Regarding The Rip Master Circular Saw Guide, Phil says, “I have this and love it.  I use it when I am out of the house and do not have access to the table saw,” but indicates that it’s sometimes difficult to handle the last little bit of the cut.

Finally, on Cold-Shocking Stubborn Bolts there’s very interesting discussion about other techniques of releasing stubborn bolts.  Don’t miss it.


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