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post-multipliers.jpgFrom the SaberTooth website:

Traditional pliers don’t allow for much leverage, so SaberTooth invented the Max Force Multi Pliers with the dual pivot-action lever which generates greater power, control, and comfort for superior clamping and cutting power.

We can understand the desire for four pliers in one — especially in a smaller toolkit, like the one you carry in your car.  But are these pliers really all that?

They require little description: you can swap in any of the four different sets of jaws — long-nose, linesman, diagonal cutters, or end nips.  A double-action joint provides additional force — 50%, according to SaberTooth.

But that said, we wonder how these pliers’d hold up in actual use.  We have a set of snap ring pliers that operate on the same concept (different heads held on with pins and a double-action reversible joint to allow them to act as “normally-open” or “normally-closed”) and they’re a bit hokey.  The swappable heads seem to squirm around a bit under tension, and in the worst of situations they can even pop off.

Anyway, the Max Force pliers are available on the ‘net for around $25, which isn’t too bad a deal for four sets of pliers.

Max Force 4-in-1 Multi-Pliers [SaberTooth Tools]
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  1. PeterP says:

    I agree. Most of the multipurpose tools I’ve had, while functional, do not do anywhere near as good a job as a dedicated tool.

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