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post-timer.jpgSo you’ve moved into your nice, new house and since you have a pre-installed sprinkler system you’ll never need to worry about dragging the hose around again, right?

Wrong.  Depending on how well your local government has managed water resources, you might find yourself under severe water restrictions (like we have in North Texas).  And if that’s the case, you’ll soon discover that besides your grass dying, there’s a good chance your foundation (and front walkway) may crack.

To avoid it, you’ll need soaker hoses.  And to avoid going out in the heat (or coming home during the workday or forgetting to turn the hose on) you’ll need a water timer.

Thankfully, technology’s come a ways since we were kids and Dad made us water the lawn.  After a little poking around, we found a slick digital controller at Lowes.  Made by Gilmour, it allows you to program — via its little LCD display and five buttons — up to four waterings per day ranging from one minute to 24 hours in duration on specified days.

The timer screws right onto your outdoor faucet and operates a single valve, so if you’re planning on creating “zones,” you’ll need more than one timer.  But for the purposes of turning the soaker hoses on for the city-allowed 15 minutes a day, it fills the bill perfectly. 

Lowes online sells them for just shy of $40 — a small price to pay to avoid slab repair.

Gilmour Digital Electronic Water Timer [Lowe’s]


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  1. Jiro Muratsuchi says:

    I purchased this water timer years ago. Now I miss located its operating manual. Is there anyway I can obtain it,i.e. your web site or by email? Your help will be highly appreciated. Jiro

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