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loganfitting-tool-main.jpgWe here at Toolmonger are cheap.  We’re not talking blow-through-the-toll-booth-doing-90-and-hope-to-outrun-the cameras cheap.  (OK, maybe once or twice.  We didn’t have any change.  Really!) But we just can’t see paying more for framing than we paid for the object it is being made for.  True Toolmongers make their own frames.

One of the most annoying things, at least for us anyway, when making a frame is the hardware installation.  It’s always a pain in the rear.  We wind up cracking something in the process when using a staple gun, and hammering brads into a small frame just sets you up for a finger smashing.  Logan’s F400-1 Fitting Tool looks to be an easy solution.

Logan’s Frame Fitting Tool drives a variety of point inserts (like brads) into wood frames to hold your art in place.  The fitting tool allows you to drive or remove four different types of inserts without slipping or bending.


It works by fitting the insert into the small four-sided square turret — one side for each type of insert it can drive — then positioning the tool into place over the back side of the frame.  Then push the adjustable rear foot against the outside of the frame, making sure that it fits snugly.  Finally, grip the handle and squeeze the insert into the wooden frame.  Repeat the process ’till complete.

The adjustable foot and a rotating insert holder make the Logan Frame Fitting tool a valuable asset around the framing table, but anything that might help save a bit of finger-smashing fun is a welcome addition to our shop.

Street Pricing starts at around $30.

F400-1 Fitting Tool [Logan]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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