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rotex150.jpgSwitching between tools takes time, and if you have to set up the tools as well, that time can seem like an eternity.  We come from the “if I have to stop to reset at all, that’s too long” school of thought.

Now that you you know how impatient we are, you can see how the Rotex RO 150 FEQ from Festool appeals to our inner “lazy.”  (You know, like those really freaky Volkswagen “fast” commercials?  No?  Oh well.)  It switches from random orbital sanding to rotary sanding, which means you can take off a little or a lot without swapping tools.

The Rotex unit is a pretty compact package when you consider the functionality it carries into battle.  In random orbital sanding mode it makes a nice finish sander for fine sanding and polishing.  But, switch to rotary orbital motion with the flip of a switch and you can handle rough sanding jobs.  Changing sanding pads is easy as well as it uses a hook and loop style system requiring no extra tools to make the switch.

The 720 watt / 6 amp motor and enclosed gear unit prevent dust from clogging the sander’s guts, which increases the service life of the tool.  The motor is additional housed in a high impact, hardened plastic composite casing that minimizes vibration.

Its detachable “Plug-it” power cord separates for easy storage (and replacement if the cord ever gets in harm’s way — which has happened to us more times than we would likely admit to in public). You can also use the same detachable cord for different Festool sanders.

The RO 150 also comes with a CT dust extractor extraction channel which is located under the main body of the unit and connects to a fitted hose at the rear of the channel.  Both hose and channel detach for cleaning or during polishing mode.

Don’t expect, however, to get your cheap on with Festool.  Street pricing for the Rotex RO 150 REQ starts at $390.

RO 150 REQ [Festool]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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