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fiskars-pruner-00.jpgFiskars  recently released the Power Gear Bypass Pruners — a set of garden shears that looks like most others, but has a few features that make us suspect that at least some of the engineers at Fiskars have gardened enough to end up with blisters.  We sure have.  

The lower handle grip rotates down and rolls in an outward motion when you squeeze it to bring the jaws shut.  Fiskars says this will help with blisters and hand fatigue because your hand is able to apply force in a way much that’s easier on joints and delicate — or in our case “sissy,” since we whine like an 8-year-old girl with a skinned knee when we get blisters — fingers.  The lower handle rotates on a hardened plastic tooth and wheel design that touts 35% more power over standard shears of its type.



The blade is also “special.”  It features “bypass” functionality, which is basically a coated blade that does not allow green sappy growth to stick to the blade and gum up the works.  The blade is also removable so the unit isn’t rendered worthless when the blade finally goes dull.  Seriously, how many people take the time to sharpen their shears?  This’ll really help the Fiskars last a lot longer.

Street pricing starts at around $20 and a quick search for replacement blades turned up a price of around $8.

Power Gear Bypass Pruners [Fiskars]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: Fiskars Power Gear Bypass Pruners

  1. Eli Golub says:

    Are there left and right handed versions?

  2. Sean O'Hara says:

    Good question Eli, the same one my wife (who is left handed as well) asked. The answer is no, or at least if there are no one carries it and there is no alternate part number like there normally would be for a left handed version.

  3. Andy says:

    These things are super. I took my new pair for a spin around the garden this weekend and clipped absolutely huge branches with them. That twisting handle thing really helps. There’s pretty much no space between the size limb that these work well on and the size that I would like to use a chainsaw on.

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