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Like we said a week ago, we signed up for MAKE’s Tools-N-Tips email, and our first one –their third, we understand — dropped in the box last night.  It’s full of all sorts of interesting stuff submitted by MAKEers and staff.  For example:

post-mouthpiece.jpgThe item at right is a plastic “mouthpiece” that attaches to the back of small flashlights to let you hold them in your mouth without busting your teeth.  Yeah, your first reaction is probably, “Eeeww.”  But you do it.  We know you do.  We do, too.  Now you/we can do it without adding visits to the dentist.

Check it out.  Or just subscribe now.  It’s free.

Tools-N-Tips [MAKE]
TNT Sign-Up Page [O’Reilly — look through the list and you’ll see it]


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