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radiator-petcocksocket.jpgHave you ever broken one of those #&$#@ fragile plastic drain plugs off the bottom of a “modern” radiator?  Like Clinton, we feel your pain.  After we snapped one off in the shop the other day — did we mention it was the only one we had? — we figured there has to be a better way.

Meet the Radiator Petcock Socket Set by Thexton.

These sockets slip over the winged heads of most modern radiator plugs.  By positioning the cut slot over the winged flanges, they distribute force evenly, (hopefully) saving you the hasslie of a trip to the parts shop.  Sounds way better than the old “grip it an rip it” with pliers standby.

The sockets fit a 1/4″ socket driver or ratchet, further keeping your massive arm-force in control — assuming you don’t use that 1/2″ to 1/4″ adapter we told you to throw out a long time ago. 

Street Pricing starts at around $7, which sounds pretty reasonable to us.  Hey — who wouldn’t drop $7 to get more than one loosening and tightening experience out of a radiator drain plug before it snaps?

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