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post-bulb.jpgMom always said gardening was “nature’s reward.”  We always wondered why “nature’s reward” involved so much dirt and sweating.  Why not a free dinner?  Or maybe a cordless combo kit

Anyway, the bulb transplanter from Fiskers is aimed at removing some of the difficult and often frustrating process of digging, removing, and placing a fragile bulb or plant into its new home.  Think of it as a way to speed up the planting process and help place you back in your home faster.

Using it is pretty simple: squeeze the handle together with your thumb and push the metal blades down into the dirt to trap the soil in the scoop.  A slight twist and pulling motion will result in a freshly dug, uniform hole that’s ready for a bulb.  Squeeze the handle together once more to let the excavated soil fall to its new place of rest.

To load a new plant into one of your newly constructed holes just follow the same procedure only this time in reverse with a plant in the scoop.  Pack the soil around it, add water and you’re on to the next one.  Forty more and you can go inside and have a beer.

Widely available over the web or at your local big-box home store, the bulb transplanter seems like a great investment of that $5 weekend budget splurge, esspecially if it can help you move past “natures reward” to Budweiser’s reward.

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