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toolsetlight.jpgSo there you are on the side of the road at two-in-the-morning, your once glorious, well-lit 4-wheeled steed now a lame mule ready to be put out to the pasture beside you.  Well, it might be a pasture.  If only you had a flashlight.  Oh yeah, did you bring tools with you? 

Ah, but you simply smile as you remember your spiffy “more than meets the eye” Achiever REM14250 Utility Flashlight with Tool Kit by Remington.  Or, “a flashlight with a built in tool kit,” as we laymen like to call it.

You kick on the flashlight — powered by 4 “C” batteries — and flip open the Achiever’s shell to reveal your McGyver-like selection of tools: An adjustable wrench, an 8 oz hammer, phillips and common screwdrivers, a 6″ slip joint pliers, and a 7-piece allen wrench set

Since you forgot to replace those batteries the last time your ride stranded you (yesterday), you plug it in with the handy 12V cigarette lighter adapter.  Yay!  At least the car’s battery isn’t dead.  Yet.

Unfortunately, you can’t replace a seized engine — what’s that oil stuff again? — with 6″ slip joint pliers, so you’re waiting for a tow.  (It’ll probably be one of those pink trucks with something punnily pithy like, “Pinky Tow,” or “Tow Jam” on the side.)  At least when the truck finally arrives you’ll be waiting with a set of dual warning reflectors to help them find you.

Oh yeah baby, that’s right: dual warning reflectors, just like the kind your mom made you paste to your bike that you ripped of and ran over five feet after you rounded the corner out of her sight.  Seriously, what on earth screams “cool” to the tow truck guy more than reflectors?

You can pick up an Achiever for around $18 from various web merchants.  A shrewd shopper could swing by a K-Mart — assuming the K-Mart by you is still open — and pick one up for $14.

Street Pricing: The Achiever REM14250 Utility Flashlight [Froogle]


One Response to A Utility Flashlight with Hidden Tool Kit

  1. Myself says:

    Why do these things always come with such a useless tool set? Allen wrenches? What the hell would you be replacing roadside that’s secured with hex-head socket screws?

    Now, a T15 Torx for GM taillight replacement might be useful. As might a 3/8″ square drive handle (and maybe some sockets, or a crescent wrench) for serpentine belt tensioners. But allen wrenches? Boycott craptastic tool kits.

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