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post-bsz18li.jpgWhen Metabo launched their “Li-Power” lithium-ion battery line earlier this year, they designed it to interface with their existing tools — provided they’re part of the group that utilizes the company’s air-cooled battery system.  Since the “Li-Power” announcement, they’ve been creating and releasing different sized Li-Ion batteries for use in each of the associated tool lines.  Now, they’re offering their 18V BSZ 18 for sale already bundled with the Li-Power 20 series battery and charger. 

The BSZ 18 is already a capable drill/driver, capable of drilling up to 1/2″ holes in mild steel and up to 1-3/16″ holes in wood, and offering 20 torque settings — as well as a drill setting.  It features a 1/2″ keyless chuck and a spindle lock to “allow one handed bit changes,” according to Metabo.  Weighing in at 4.85 lbs, the BSZ 18 — in either NiCd or Li-Ion form — is quite powerful, producing a whopping 549 in-lbs of torque. 

The addition of the Li-Power battery brings a 30% faster charge, a service life of up to 1,500 charges, and the capability to store the tool for up to 18 months without losing a charge.  Considering just torque specs and battery power, the Li-Powered BSZ 18 lands square in competition with Milwaukee’s V18.

A quick Froogle search returned a street price of around $345 for the Li-Powered version of the BSZ 18, versus $240 for the standard NiCd kit.  Of course, it’s up to you as to whether the li-ion additional runtime and shelf life justifies the $100 price jump.

The Li-Powered BSZ 18 [Metabo]
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For comparison:
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2 Responses to New: Metabo’s BSZ 18 Drill/Driver Gets Li-Ion Tech

  1. Andy says:

    I bought this drill to cut holes in gyprock and fibro, and pilot holes 8mm through mortar, not brick, the drill & battery began to smoke after a total of 6 hours work, approximately 1 – 1 1/2 hours use per job. The store refused to help me, Metabo Australia, based in Melbourne, Victoria refused to help me and the bloke on the phone there told me to “get stuffed” and hung up on me. Eventually the store I purchased the drill from replaced the gear box but refused to replace the battery, I have had 6 gear boxes in 2 years, I do not abuse my tools, they have failed outright with honoring the warranty as did metabo. Today, the battery caught fire and the stench is unbelievable, I will never buy another metabo tool even though it does the job, I can’t afford to be replacing the drill after every job, in my opinion, this company is rubbish and so are the outlets that sell them. I warrant all the work I do, it’s a shame a company claiming to be this big does not honor the warranty card given with the tool, my warranty has expired now, and not once would any of these traders acknowledge that i may have picked up a faulty tool. In todays mass produced market, things happen, all I wanted was a good tool, I think Hitachi will be getting my business

  2. bill says:

    Is this for real.

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