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bondhus-001.jpgThe T-handle is the big brother of all screwdriver handles.  With a two-handed grip you can generate a great deal more of the twisting torque you need to insert or remove screws.  The problem is that since they help you generate all that force, you can often break cheap T-handle drivers.  Bondhus offers their Pro Guard T-Handle Drivers as a heavy duty step past the normal T-Handled driver sets you might have broken in the past.

At first glance the Bondhus drivers might look like all the others you’ve seen, but they do offer a few not-so-obvious yet significant features:  The oversized handles curve downwards in order to put more usable torque comfortably into your twisting grip.  And, the handles are welded to the blade to guarantee they will never slip — like the cheap-o friction-fit plastic-handled drivers that eventually begin to wear and loosen.

Bondhus says they’re frequently asked why two of the handles in the ball end T-Handle set are “shorter” than the others.  (Hey, we wondered, too.)  The answer is a bit complex, but indicates again that Bondhus put some thought into their design.  The 5/32″ and 3/16″ blades — and the 4MM and 5MM blades in the metric set — are ball-end blades.  Larger handles would easily generate sufficient torque to shear the neck of the ball end tip, thus reducing the tool to a stick with a handle on it.  So, you get shorter handles that match up with the smaller tools’ torque-handling capabilities.


You can order sets in eleven different configurations which include varying sizes of hex, torx, standard, phillips and square driver heads.  Our searches online indicated that some sets are easier to find while others — like the square head — can prove to be a bit scarce.

Though we haven’t tested them in person, they look like a pretty good solution to us, and we’re thinking about ordering a set to check ’em out.  We found sets starting around $30 with a bit of price-sleuthing.  If they’re as good as they sound, they’d fit nicely between the cheap plastic sets and the very-expensive ones from pro-tool manufacturers.

10pc T-Handle Driver Set [Bondhus]
Price Search [Froogle/Google]


3 Responses to T-Handle Drivers by Bondhus

  1. Dean says:

    They sure look nice, might have to track down a set. I just wish they had a clutch bits. One of these days I’ll find a T-handle clutch bit set.

  2. Andy says:

    I can personally vouch for the ball end drivers, they are one of the most wonderful investments I have ever made in tools.

    On an unrelated note, toolmonger, why not cover different more speciality high end tools like CNC mills, EDM cutters, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, lathes etc? There are only so many new releases from B&D or DeWalt that I don’t already own or own somthing that is equivelent/superior.

    Though, this is an awsome blog, keep up the good work!

  3. Sean says:

    Thanks for the good words Andy! We have something coming out soon that will help cure what your craving!

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