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diygiveaway.jpgWe were watching Billy Lane set his bike on fire last night on a Tivo’ed episode of Biker Build Off and saw that DIY Network is hosting a “workshop giveaway” — not just a “large” workshop give away, but “The Ultimate Workshop Giveaway.” OK, so the name’s a bit hokey, but the giveaway doesn’t seem to be.  The grand prize is $100,000 to build the shop of your dreams.

The contest is live from July 31st – August 28th and you can enter once a day till the contest is over.  Entry is via the standard email registration (read: sign away your personal information), though if there is something worth giving your personal info for a $100,000 shop would be high on our list.

The Ultimate Workshop Giveaway [DIY Network]

PS: In Nostradamus-like fashion we predicted Mr. Lane’s troubles.  Woot.


3 Responses to DIY Network: Ultimate Workshop Giveaway

  1. PeterP says:

    I dunno, 100,000 would barely cover my waterjet and 4 axis CNC mill, much less that stereolithography machine ive had my eye on..

    I mean, as long as were talking “ultimate”. 😉

  2. Chuck Cage says:

    Right on, brother. — C

  3. wvpv says:

    Gosh, I’d have to buy land for a $100k “ultimate” workshop.

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