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Stanley’s been really tearing up the shelves with their new FatMax Xtreme tool line, and we’ve already covered a couple of items from it including (most recently) their box-beam level.   Now the Xtreme line’s giving you an easier way to tear up other things — with a demolition driver.

What’s a demolition driver?  It’s just a large screwdriver that’s reinforced for use in all those ways you’ve been told since a child not to use a screwdriver.

For starters, Stanley added a cold-formed steel “strike cap” on the back of the handle to allow you to hammer directly on the driver, and the cap is connected directly to the driver’s shaft — which runs all the way through — to transfer your hammering force directly to the object you wish to “motivate.”.  The handle itself is made of a specially-durable acetate with a rubber grip for extra control.  The grip also has “thumb indents” to give you a better grip when you’re prying on things.  They even thought to coat the shaft in lacquer to help prevent rust.

Even if you’re not out tearing down buildings on a daily basis, it’d be great to have a couple of these in your toolbox just for whenever you’re contemplating the mis-use and abuse of a screwdriver.  Whenever we got ready to hammer on a screwdriver, our fathers would say, “Use the right tool for the job.”  (Usually that meant a punch.)  Now you can hammer on the screwdriver and use the right tool for the job — all at the same time!

Street pricing starts around $15 for a 2-piece set (standard and phillips).  We’re gonna pick one up.

The FatMax Xtreme Demolition Driver [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Stanley’s FatMax Xtreme Demolition Driver

  1. wvpv says:

    I’ve historically not been that impressed with Stanley tools. I had a ratchet screwdriver that broke not long after I got it. Kinda stayed away from them since then. Maybe I could get it replaced under warranty, but I haven’t taken the time.

  2. Myself says:

    Ditto the Stanley experience, with extra bile thrown in for the “X”-marketing. Linked my name to Maddox’s site this time, who pretty much says what there is to say about X-treme anything.

    That being said, this looks like a decent tool. At least, if the blade doesn’t bend the first time you use it. $15 for 2 seems a bit “X-treme” though, wouldn’t you say?

    Seriously, boycott X-products. (Hint: In english, the word “extreme” starts with an E.)

  3. eschoendorff says:

    Those demo drivers…. be careful. I’ve already talked to one of Stanley’s engineers in Sheffield, England about the fact that there is play in the handles. The plastic handles don’t seem to have a very good positive fit over the screwdriver shanks. An alternative would be the Mayhew Cat’s Paw screwdrivers.

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