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post-ryobifan.jpgHere’s an idea we’re surprised more manufacturers haven’t thought of: a portable fan that’ll run off your tool batteries.  Ryobi’s P3300 portable fan is just that — a two-speed (1200/1400 RPM) fan that runs (a claimed) 6 hours on a single 18V “One+” series Ni-Cd battery charge.. 

It’s been an especially hot summer all over the country, and we’re sure you (like us) have been seeking any way at all to stay cool.  If you’re inside in the shop, you’ve probably got a couple of fans around.  But what if you’re out in the field — or even just in the driveway — where you’re out of reach of easy power?  Or what if you want to drag the fan around with you under the car?  This looks like the ticket.

We wonder how long it’ll be before we see other manufacturers adding this to their cordless lines.

We couldn’t find pricing for you yet, as the P3300 seems to have just barely hit the Ryobi website.  (In fact, the 360-degree view feature doesn’t seem to have been implemented yet.)  We can, however, tell you that you’ll find it at Home Depot — and probably only at Home Depot.  We’d also bet that it’ll be reasonably priced.  Say what you will about Ryobi, but don’t accuse them of overpricing.

The P3300 18V Portable Fan [Ryobi]


2 Responses to Ryobi’s New 18V (One+) Portable Fan

  1. Frank Hicinbothem says:

    This sounds like a *great* use for those old half-dead One+ batteries I’m always complaining about! But as you noted, it’s still vaporware; I was at HD a little while ago and it hasn’t hit the shelves yet, and the Ryobi ads there don’t show it yet.

    I did pick up one of the Ryobi P-400 Corner Cat sanders. Hanging over the side of my boat with my P-C 333 corded sander didn’t seem like a real bright idea, since I’m constantly dropping the thing. (I love it, but it’s sure not ergonomically designed for anything except flat horizontal sanding.) The Corner Cat has a D-handle, so I can rig it with a leash to keep it from disappearing into the murky depths.

  2. Ed Staton says:

    I got two last year, use one when power gose out, the other one in my truck. We have a power back window that can be open from the drivers seat and a camper shell on the truck. We just left running on low speed, blowing out, when parked in the hot sun and side window cracked the truck stayed close to 80d inside. I’ll be getting more for backup, for sure.

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