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post-maketnt.jpgWhat’s the best way to find out about tools?  From your project contacts — the people who use them.  That’s how we find out about them: from the people we work with, pros in the industry, and, of course, you! 

We’re pretty big fans of MAKE (in both print and blog format), so we were stoked to hear about their new Tools-N-Tips section which consists of “tools and tips that MAKE authors and fellow readers love the most,” all of which come from their massive list of writers, contributors, and readers.  They’re also going to publish a bi-weekly newsletter featuring the best of the tools and tips submitted recently.  We’re going to sign up, and we suggest that you do as well.

We’ll report back when we receive our first Tools-N-Tips email, and if you catch something over there that we missed, drop us a line.

Tools-N-Tips [MAKE]
TNT Sign-Up Page [O’Reilly — look through the list and you’ll see it]

A quick example: As of this moment, TNT is featuring 3M’s dual-lock reclosable fasteners.  That’s something we probably should have told you about as we have some in the shop downstairs.  Great stuff — check it out.


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