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post-provisionelite.jpgDevelpoed for race engine troubleshooting, the Provision Eagle is based on fiber optic technology and uses a long cable to view hard reach and sometimes impossible to see areas.

The concept is much the same as the scopes that doctors use to look inside a patient, except the cable is surrounded by a stainless steel armored shaft and has a machined-aluminum lighted lens tip to protect it against heat and harmful chemicals such as motor oil. The ProVision will fit into holes as small as 1/4 inch diameter, allowing you to look behind walls, down into drains, or even inside engines without costly demolition or disassembly.

The system is powered by 2 “AA” Lithium Batteries and sports a street price of around $225 (with some careful shopping).  That’s not super cheap, but then again it’s something that you just couldn’t even put your hands on for under a grand just a bit ago. 

We’re thinking about making the investment in one of these ourselves.  How handy would it be to be able to stick this through a spark plug hole and see what’s going on inside a cylinder?  Or how about seeing what’s actually stuck in the drain?  We can think of dozens of applications, and based on the response to our post on mirrors the other day, we bet you can, too.

The Elite “Eagle” Fiber Optic Scope [Provision]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to The ProVision “Eagle” Fiber Optic Scope

  1. Jason Melvin says:

    This may be exactly the tool I have been coveting for quite some time. My wife is in her ENT residency, where fiber optic scopes are used quite a lot. However, they seem to be about 10-20 times as expensive as this tool. I am slightly concerned about the flexibility of the shaft with the ProVision, as it’s pretty big at 1/4″, but for the cost, probably worth it. I think a tool like this would be wonderful for running wires through walls.

  2. Jason Melvin says:

    Update – looking at the ProVision site, the model I really want is the ProVision® Elite PVAE624. It has an articulated tip so you can steer. Unfortunately it’s about $2,500. That’s more what I expected. Still, something to really covet…


  3. shawn says:

    I hope the price comes down on these soon. This would be a cool tool to use to see inside engines. If a manufacturer can get the cost to under $100 I’ll buy one.

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