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post-freedomlite.jpgWell, it used to be called the “French Lite,” but…  Just kidding.  A friend of ours mentioned this to us today and we thought we’d pass it on.  We love LED flashlight — look ma, no more bulbs! — but we still seem to be stuck with small flourescents for any jobs that requires widespread light. 

The Freedom Lite’s 30-LED array does a similar job in a much tighter and more durable package.  Plus, it’s completely cordless and can operate for up to 8 hours on a single charge.  It’s got a swivel hook on the top, so you can hang it up wherever.

We haven’t seen one in person, but we do hear good things about it.  Its one drawback is the price: $79.95 is a lot to pay for a light, period.  Then again, will your flourescent run for 8 hours on a charge?  Is that important to you?

The site where we found it appears to be a reseller; We couldn’t find the original manufacturer for you.  Sorry!  A little Froogle/Google searching returns a few other resellers, though we couldn’t beat the price by too much.

The Freedom Lite [WinTron Technologies]


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