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post-powermaxx.jpgRockler published a pretty good review of Metabo’s PowerMaxx cordless drill a few days ago.  We mentioned the PowerMaxx back when it was first announced, and’ve been meaning to get your a review ourselves.  Since they beat us to it we thought we’d pass on theirs first.  (Disclaimer alert: Rocker sells these items.)

From Rockler’s woodworking blog:

What about power? Power is what sets the Metabo apart form other small cordless drills and drivers. Its 80 In-lbs. max torque, 2-speed gearbox, 20-level clutch and long lasting 4.8 volt batteries put it in a class of tool that the suits the performance needs of professional cabinetmakers and cabinet installers.  The PowerMaxx Plus Package comes with two batteries and a charger.  Keeping one in the drill and one in the charger will keep you moving along, whether you’re driving 2-1/2″ screws into wall studs, putting on a kitchen’s worth of hardware, or just doing a little work around the house.

The obvious comparison here is Bosch PS20 (which we did a hands-on with last month).  The PowerMaxx uses a 4.8v battery instead of the PS20’s 10.8v, but the PowerMaxx claims 80 in-lbs of torque in similar comparison to the PS20’s “80+ in-lbs.”  Hmm.

The PowerMaxx does include a 2-speed gearbox — 0-200 RPM in low, 0-600 (like the PS20) in high — and a spindle lock.  One big difference: the PowerMaxx features a standard chuck as opposed to the PS20’s quick-change-only setup. 

I guess we’ll have to lay hands on one of these and get back to you with some real-life comparisons.

The Metabo PowerMaxx Cordless Drill [Rockler’s Woodworking Blog]
The PowerMaxx Cordless Drill [Metabo USA]


2 Responses to Rockler on the Metabo PowerMaxx Cordless Drill

  1. Bill Peterson says:

    Where can I buy a replacement battery and what is the price?

  2. Charles says:

    Were can I get the charger for it? It is the one that plugs into the battery and looks like a cell phone charger.

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