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post-snaponan.jpgIf you’ve ever added braided hoses to your ride, you probably discovered that tightening those beautiful aluminum AN-style fittings is a bit of a trick.  Sure, you can just wail on them, but you’re going to scratch and/or mar the mess out of ’em.  You can always try the low-buck solution of a bit of electrical tape on your standard adjustable, but if you’re going to do more than a few hoses, Snap-on’s got a better solution: an aluminum adjustable wrench.

They offer two, a 10″ designed for up to an AN #20, and an 8″ designed for up to an AN #10.  They’re not super cheap — what Snap-on product is — but they’re definitely the right tool for the job.   Beyond that, they’re pretty darn sharp with a red anodized surface.

We saw this in their most recent sales flyer, which (happily) means they’re on sale — in this case, 10% off — which places the larger one at $90.40 and the smaller one at $59.63.

Aluminum Adjustable AN Fitting Wrench [Snap-on]


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