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post-hosepliers.jpgWhen you’re working on your car, you’ll often find yourself in the position of having to remove a hose while there’s still fluid in it.  Good examples: radiator hoses, brake hoses (for caliper work, etc.) and so on.  A great, quick solution to keeping the fluid in them — and off your floor and you — is a set of hose pinch-off pliers.

A ratcheting mechanism lets you just squeeze down until the hose is properly pinched off, then the pliers continue to hang on until you release them.  When you’re done and have the hose hooked back up and ready to go, just pop the release.

The pliers pictured here are from K-D tools — a part of Danaher, we understand — but they’re available from a variety of manufacturers in formats for all different kinds of hoses.  Our most commonly used set are designed for brake lines.  Hey, less brake fluid loss means less money spend, less clean up, and less bleeding.  Sweet!

Our quick Froogle search (link below) turned up sets starting at around $15.

Hose Pinch-Off Pliers [K-D Tools]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Frank Hicinbothem says:

    I’d be a little leery about using these. Most modern hoses are pretty high-tech, and squishing them to the extent that the flow cuts off might well damage the hose wall (think Kevlar-reinforcing, stainless steel braid, and multiple laminations.)

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