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We’re giving away a brand-new Milwaukee V18 combo kit to one lucky person during the month of August.  All you have to do to enter is post a valid comment on any Toolmonger post during August — and make sure you enter your information correctly so we can contact you should you win.

What’s the V18, you might ask?  It’s Milwaukee’s new cordless line that’s scheduled for release later this month.  We posted a preview of it a few weeks ago, but suffice it to say that it’s an incredibly powerful 20 volt tool line designed to bring lithium-ion power to Milwaukee’s existing 18V tools.  The new batteries are backwards-compatible with older Milwaukee 18V equipment, and the charger can handle both battery types.  The drill is also all new.  (See the article linked above for details.)

Should you win, you’ll receive one of the first combo kits to hit the shelves.  And if you can’t wait until then to find out more, check back later in the month as we perform hands-on testing with an early unit and let you know what we find out first-hand.

Check out our Milwaukee V18 Giveaway page for the details.


24 Responses to Win a Milwaukee V18 Combo Kit Just by Commenting!

  1. stickboy says:

    I love the website and the content you guys do. And I never miss anything due to the RSS feeds. Keep hammering away! (hehe… ok that was lame.. I just want the tools!)

  2. Don says:

    Hey I like contests and I looooove toolmonger.com. I found you guys when I was researching a recent tool purchase and you have been on my daily blog reading list since.

    Ok, you can send me the Milwaukee Kit now if you’d like.

  3. wvpv says:

    My cool wife is sure glad I found toolmonger.com. She *knew exactly* what cordless drill to surprise me with on Father’s Day!

    Seriously, what’s not to love about tool reviews.

  4. Trocero says:

    I love toolmonger. I read it everyday. The tool reviews have definatley been a drain on the ole bank account though. My wife is not to happy with me so some free tools might make her just little bit happier and me too

  5. david says:

    Great site! I use Milwaukee cordless drills in my cabinet shop. They’re about 3 years old and still work great even with daily use and abuse. Can’t wait to read the review.

  6. Toaster says:

    Nice giveaway – I really want a reciprocating saw, i’m not sure why.. but i’ll find a reason later. 😀

  7. Brian says:

    Enjoy the site. This is the first good tool blog I’ve found.

  8. MikeT says:

    Any comment at all? Sweet!

    BTW, thanks for the great work. You guys have become a daily addiction for me.

  9. ScottN says:

    I’ve enjoyed the RSS feed for several weeks now. I’m not anything more than a hobbyist, but I can think of several instances where these tools would come in handy.

  10. Joe Brown says:

    Isn’t V18 an 18-volt battery, not a 20-volt?

  11. Chuck Cage says:

    Great observation!

    Nope, it’s a 20 volt. The V-series batteries are based on lithium-manganese spinell cells that produce 4 volts each. The V28 uses 7 cells, and the V18 uses 5.

    It’s our understanding that Milwaukee’s marketing people were concerned that some customers might question the V18’s backwards compatability — you can use the new V18 batteries with Milwaukee’s older 18-volt tools — if they called it a 20-volt pack.

    We’ll have some more information about the V18 drill out shortly, but there’s more information about the V18’s specifics in our earlier post, Preview: Millwaukee’s New V18 Cordless Line.

  12. Dan E says:

    This set seems pretty cool. I wonder how much the electronics in every battery add to the battery cost and wether or not Milwaukee will sell their “battery reader” to the public. The reader seems like a great tool to have if you have a lot of batteries in your shop.

  13. andrew says:


  14. Kent Sievers says:

    I’ve been collecting tools since I was in 4th grade. Bought my first Stanley straight slot at a park n’ swap in Phoenix, Arizona, where my family sold the items we’d trash pick during the week. I”ve still got the screwdriver. I’ve never one a tool before. I’m 47 years old now. It’s about time……

  15. kevin joiner says:

    I’ve been looking to purchase some cordless tools (a drill and circular saw at least) for a while now. I’m planning to rebuild my deck and hottub enclosure. I’ve heard a lot of good things about 18v tools and know Milwaukee to be a good brand. I’m just curious if anyone knows what kind of battery life you could expect with this kit. Looks like a solid kit anyway.

  16. Wayne says:

    I’m in the middle of remodeling my living room/dining room (which is our idea of a vacation around here!) and the combo set would come in really handy. What makes this a real challenge is our ’50’s style ranch house came with these beautiful red oak floors that got covered over during the ’70’s wall-to-wall carpeting craze! The horror…. the horror…

    So when we pulled up the carpet we found that the floors were in pretty bad shape, but not hopeless. There’d obviously been some water damage at some point and there’d been some (not up to my standards) attempt at repair. SOOO… we’re gonna take care of that, refinsh the floors, sealant, four coats of plyurethene, then paint, wallpaper, new lighting fixtures, crown molding, chair rail…. Piece of cake!! 🙂

    We’ve only been in the house about five years we deliberately left this room for last. It’s gonna be a challenge, but also a lot of fun. This is really our idea of good time! I’m going to post pictures and the different steps on my weblog (http://inlandempireview.blogspot.com) so if you have a morbid sense of humor, play along!!

    Thanks again for the great website – even if all I can do is dream…

  17. Chuck Cage says:


    I’ve been through the wood floor remodeling process before. It’s a lot of work, but it almost always pays off big time. Even truly nasty looking floors look great after you remove a layer or two. And the polyurethanes that are available now are way, way better than the lacquer of the past.

    A few things I remember from the one I did about 8 years ago:

    Be careful with the drum sander. It digs in easily and makes waves in the floor. After a bit you get the hang of it and can keep it steady, but at the start it’s going to look like surfing at Maui. So start in a closet or the laundry room or somehting. Or if you’re just doing the living room, start in a place that’s going to be covered up with the entertainment center or a rug.

    Better yet, consider using a satin polyurethane. The full-on shiny stuff looks really cool, but you can see every wave and imperfection. They’re a lot harder to see in the satin.

    When you put on the polyurethane, make absolutely sure you have adequate ventilation. It really stinks bad, and just opening a window won’t cut it. Try using fans in the windows — some inward, some outward — to keep a flow of fresh air moving. If you have young children, consider finding a place elsewhere for them to stay for a day or two during the poly process.

    Last — and I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but it bears mentioning — do the walls first, THEN the floor. I never manage to get it masked off perfectly no matter how hard I try.

    Good luck, and we’ll check in on the blog to see how you’re doing.


  18. Chuck Cage says:


    Keep an eye out here on Toolmonger for a full “hands-on” with the V18 shortly. One of the things we’ll be testing is battery life. We’ve got a standard Milwaukee 18v battery to test in the drill along with the stock 20v V18 li-ion, so we’ll be able to tell you the difference.


  19. Dave Hutchins says:

    When Milwaukee anounced the V28 line of cordless, I was a little let down considering all the standard 18volt Milwaukee tools & accessories that I already have. I like the standard 18 volt tools that I have but the nicad batteries have a lot to be desired & really kill the apeal of the tool. I can’t wait to try the new V18 volt battery on my old 18 volt tools to see if there truelly is a diference. I would much rather pay the bucks for a few of the new batteries that to scap my whole cordless system & spend thousands replacing it.

  20. Use Milwaukee tools every day,and i fell the longer run times per charge eill be greatly beneficial. Thanks Jerry.

  21. Chris says:

    Yes Please!!!

    I have the older 18V Set with the Hatchet sawzall. The tools are great however the older 18V Batteries leave much to be desired.

  22. Bill says:

    I have the old 18 volt set. Can’t wait to upgrade to the new batteries. The NiCd batteries just don’t cut it anymore.

  23. Ed says:

    In May of 2003 my home was damaged by a tornado and my Milwaukee cordless tool set really came in handy. I never thought I’d use the flashlight in the kit, but it lead me out of the rubble that had been my neighborhood earlier that day. I used the circular saw to cut OSB covers for the windows, the drill to screw the boards up and it’s amazing what a Sawzall can do. My only gripe with the tools has been the current batteries, I am hoping that the new v18 batteries will fix that.

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