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Just moments ago we emailed the first-drawn winner of the Game Chair Giveaway.  Assuming we hear back from that lucky person, we’ll have some more information to share with you shortly.


A few comments about the whole game chair project:

First, we were surprised by the number of readers who indicated in their comments that they’re concerned about taking on a welding project.  We wish it was possible to explain in simpler terms how easy modern wire welders are to use.  Some of the people who stopped by the shop to help build the game chair had no welding experience at all, and were able to make reasonable welds — for this purpose anyway — with just a few minutes of practice.  So, if you didn’t happen to win the game chair and would like to build your own, don’t let concern about your welding skill stop you.  Jump in and give it a shot.  You’ll be surprised by the results.

Second, we appreciate all your participation throughout the last few months via comments and emails.  We read everything you send, and we take it to heart.  It’s our intent to continue improving Toolmonger over the coming months, so if we’re missing something you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Finally, we’d like you to know that the game chair giveaway was just the beginning.  As you’ll see in our next post, we’ve got an even more exciting giveaway planned for this month, so keep the comments coming.  Every one enters you to win, and the prizes are only getting better.


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