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dpsl01.jpgA well lit work area is one of the starting points of any project in the garage or shop, and when we recently went looking for a light to go in one of our work areas, we came across the diamond plate utility light from Lithonia Lighting.  This unit hit all the high points that makes a true Toolmonger grin.

The diamond plate utility light is a 48” shop light featuring a 6-1/2 In. reflector with a pull chain on/off switch and mounting chain hangers.  There’s no extra wiring to speak of; You just plug the unit into a normal electrical socket —  if you’re installing it in your garage you could use the same outlet your garage door opener is plugged into — and hang it from the ceiling using whatever hooking device you deem suitable for its 8 lb. bulk. 

It uses two 40 watt T-12 bulbs, which are not included in the package but will only cost a few extra dollars more.  Best of all, did we mention its diamond plate?  Seriously, what’s cooler than diamond plate?

We found our light at The Home Depot for just a tad over $20, a cool-looking value for the money.

Diamond Plate Utility Light [The Home Depot]


One Response to Shop Light That Brings the Bling

  1. Arnold says:

    So I picked up a shop light a few months back after seeing this post. The weird thing is is that after about an hour or so, the light automatically shuts off and I have to wait a few mins before things reinitialize or whatever until I can turn it on again. Weird thing is, this is my 2nd shop light since the first one I bought, appeared not to be working correctly. I know this is an old post but any ideas?

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