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hbp01.jpgWorking on your favorite project car, or even your daily driver can be frustratingly impossible if you don’t have the right tools.  Removal of a harmonic balancer — also known as a torsional damper — can be quite difficult without a puller designed to help.  The torsional damper is the pulley wheel and weighted flywheel connected to the crankshaft in your vehicle, and removing it is a pretty common task during an engine swap or during some accessory replacement.  You might recognize it as the wheel you use as a guide to adjust the timing.

The puller kit consists of a few assorted bolts, a duck’s foot shaped plate with slots angled to fit most vehicles, and a centering point bolt.  Removal without one can take a very long time and cost you a bit of skin as well.  To save yourself a lot of knuckle busting fury you might want to lay down the $15 at your local parts store. Careful shopping might even be able to save you a few dollars more.

Harmonic Balancer Pullers [Froogle]


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