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Toolmongers Top 5If you’ve been busy in the shop this week and haven’t had time to keep up with Toolmonger, we recommend checking out the following posts when you have a chance:

Hands-On: The AdobeAir Mobile MasterCool MMB12
With the whole US in the middle of a heat wave, this article is pretty much a must-read.  We didn’t see performance anywhere near the company’s claims, but we did see enough to turn a shop from dangerous to bearable.

Laurey’s PerfectMount Guides
This seems like a really simple thing, but try putting on cabinet pulls without one.  Ok, you’re probably savvy enough to have been making your own, but for a few bucks, why spend the time?

Hands-On: Irwin/Vise-Grip GrooveLock Pliers
Good stuff.  These kick the crap out of your old standard tounge-in-groove pliers, and they’re not that expensive either.  Grab yourself a set or two.

A Replacement for the Mini-Buck?
If you’re used to carrying a knife for years, then the company discontinues it, what do you do?  You look for a replacement, of course.

Would you be interested in a Toolmonger forum?
Well, we’ve been getting a bunch of email about this, but we aren’t seeing much response from this specific request.  If you’re interested, let us know.  Otherwise we’re going to hold off for a bit longer on adding a forum.

We’ve got a new project to post next week, as well as updates on some of the projects you’ve already heard about.  We’ve also got a lot more hands-on tools to tell you about, so next week’s going to be a great week here on Toolmonger.


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