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post-creeper.jpgLisle Corporation has manufactured the “Jeepers Creepers” line of automotive creepers for some time, but has recently added a line of plastic “low profile” creepers that’ll be of use to anyone working on a modern, lowered car.

(For those not in the know, creepers are wheeled devices on which you can lay when moving around underneath your car.  They keep you off the hot — or cold — ground and allow much easier movement than “scooting.”  Ok, you dog lovers out there can quit snickering about the “scooting” bit.)

These particular creepers are mode from plastic, which is resistant to solvents, greases, and fuels.  They’re not particularly resistant to shock, though, so you’ll want to be careful manhandling them around the garage.  The best part, though, are that their wheels are recessed to allow just a 7/8″ ground clearance.  Think of it this way: The lower the creeper is, the lower your head (or, let’s be serious, gut) will be, and the less you’re going to have to jack the car up — or the more room you’ll have to work.  All good things.

They also include threaded inserts that you can use to add a light holder or tool tray, both of which Lisle sells separately.  Street pricing starts around $70, and they’re available all over.

Jeepers Creepers Low-Profile Plastic Creeper [Lisle]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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