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When we first saw the recently released FatMax Xtreme Box Beam Level from Stanley, we knew that we had to get our hands on one. Once we did, we weren’t disappointed.

fmbbl02.jpgA couple of things jump out at you when you first see the Xtreme, the most notable of which is the large, redesigned center vial.  (In previous models the vial had a top enclosure and was 20% smaller.)  With the new layout you can see the position of the bubble from (in our experience) as much as 15 feet without even squinting.

fmbbl03.jpgThe construction of the level boosts a new box-beam design that Stanley claims to be five times stronger than previous models.  You can feel its “sturdiness” by simply picking it up.  It exudes strength at every corner. The machined leveling surfaces are quite smooth and polished to a mirror finish.  Add to that the silver finish and bold sturdy handle/handles and the Xtreme tends to stand out visually in a crowd of otherwise brightly painted levels at the store.  Some of our friends who saw it couldn’t put it down because they “just liked holding it.”  Of course we — and many of our friends — are facinated with shiny things, so there you go.

fmbbl04.jpgDual purpose, sturdy rubber end caps adorn the Xtreme, and both protect the level against falls and bumps but also are removable so that the levels can be connected to one another for those long surface reads. The Xtreme also uses rare earth magents –- which are roughly twice as powerful as the normal strip magnets -– to provide a more stable experience. Like it’s predecessor in the Stanley line, the Xtreme has Block vial accuracy of 0.0005 in/in with a lifetime accuracy warranty on the vials.

Stanley has obviously put some thought into the design of this level, and it really shows.  From the enlarged vial to the grips and fit and finish, the Xtreme Box Beam Level looks to be a well rounded (figuratively speaking), feature rich contender.  It’s widly available both on the net and at your local home center. 

Sizes range from 24” – 48” and are priced quite competitively concidering the value they bring at around $30 for the 24” model and $50 for the 48” model.  We understand larger versions are on the way.

Stanley FatMax Xtreme Box Beam Level [Stanleyworks]


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