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Leave it to Estwing to create a pry bar designed especially for removing moulding.  It’s got a thin, specially-contoured blade that’s designed to get behind tricky moulding and yank it off with ease.  The other end is a standard-style nail puller.

This product’s so simple, there’s just not much to tell you about it.  The picture says it all; You can see how it’ll work.  Street pricing starts around $8.

Pro-Claw Moulding Pullers [Estwing]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Estwing’s Pro-Claw Moulding Pullers

  1. Brian Hayes says:

    Estwing could be improved with the contour ground even thinner and the flat surface of the puller made with eased edges and a larger flat profile. Edges dig into soft paint and moldings. The nail puller slot is an afterthought that distracts from the usefulness of the wide blade. A bit more finesse would improve this tool, and all others like it.

    Punching nails through moldings should be more popular. I’m surprised that the lowly pin punch isn’t in every tool kit. I use a stud-funder magnet to locate hidden nail heads. Expensive moldings and finish work can be saved.

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