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HS-picwith-150.jpgThe Handle Saver claims to be your answer to your mis-swing blues. The concept here is to compensate for all the times that you over-shoot your mark when swinging a hammer, breaking the hammer or delivering shock force to your arm. 

The Handle Saver is basically a large rubber collar that slides right under the head onto most standard hand tool handles. Theoretically, the rubber will absorb the impact shock and possibly a broken handle.  We haven’t yet seen one of these in person, but it looks to us more like the rubber will use the force of the swing and pop the tool back at the user and/or in an unknown direction possibly causing other damage.

Our first thought was perhaps a few practice sessions might help your swing more than a bit of rubber.  Of course, if you’re looking for this kind of thing, it can be had for around $5 plus shipping through the Awesome Tools website.  And hey, if you have one of these and think we’re out in left field on this one, let us know.

The Handle Saver [AwesomeTools]


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  1. Nanners says:

    I’ve had one of these on my 3 lbs. sledge for a few years, it’s semi-useful, but it tends to turn sideways on a glancing blow.

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