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post-rockler1.jpgThe guys over at Rockler’s woodworking blog are recommending a couple of tools that’ll help you increase the speed and accuracy of your trim work: the Starrett ProSite Protractor and the Infiniter RS-1 Laser Cutting Guide.

From Rockler’s blog:

If only Don had a Starrett ProSite Protractor, he’d know that the corner he’s trying to miter is a hair under 89 degrees, not  “about 90.”  And if he had an Infiniter RS-1 Laser Cutting Guide, he’d have put the cut he was shooting for in exactly the right spot on the first try, and he’d be three or four pieces down the line.  “Nice job, Don,” his boss would have said. 

The protractor is pretty simple and straightforward; You physically place it in the angle, and you get two readings: one showing the measured angle and another that’s the correct angle at which you’ll need to set your miter saw to make the cut.  The laser is an attachment for your miter saw that converts it to a modern, laser-guided cutting tool.

We’d be interested to see how the Infiniter RS-1 compares to Irwin’s laser miter saw attachment.  The RS-1 is cheaper — Rockler sells it for $20 as opposed to a street price of around $40 for the Irwin.  We couldn’t find you a link to Infiniter’s product page as we couldn’t find Infiniter online.  We did find a site selling laser pointers under that name, so maybe they manufacture this on the side.  Anyway, when we get a chance, we’ll check it out and let you know.

Two Tools for Faster, More Accurate Trim Work [Rockler]
7″ ProSite Miter Saw Protractor [Starrett]


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  1. Rick S says:

    You can find the manufacturer’s company website here: http://www.infiniter.com/

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